Michael Gotz Artist’s Bio


Multi instrumental musician Michael Gotz has been playing, composing and appreciating music throughout his lifetime.

Michael currently plays strongly improvisational jazz guitar while accompanying himself on midi foot pedals.  The music includes a high percentage of improvisation while exploring forms from pop, old school jazz and original music.  The music creates a warm atmosphere throughout the room, while proving to be absolutely irresistible to those who love music.

The choices that Michael makes as a musician reflect the diverse range of his influences, having grown up loving the Classical music that his mother played, spending countless hours listening to his sister’s Beatles albums…and then discovering the music of Miles Davis.

Michael has performed many different genres of music;

standard jazz, jazz fusion, reggae, country, rock, pop, blues…

but jazz has been the continuing thread.

These influences all find some expression in Michael’s current work.  Listening to him play you will hear a passage of classical guitar, a latin rhythm, or a strangely familiar melody winding and shifting through moving improvisational passages.  Many listeners watch with amazement as Michael plays complex and intricate melodies on the guitar, while playing walking bass with his feet.

From night clubs and wine bars to cruise ships, festivals  and performance halls, Michaels aim is always to be utterly sensitive to what the music and the moment want to be, but with a flair that is unmistakably Michael Gotz, having developed a voice that is both distinctive and recognizable.